July 17. 2021

Rifle marksmanship clinic.

9 am til 4 or 5 with a lunch break. 
(1) Eye and ear protection.
(2) .22 semiauto with a canvas GI sling. (Nylon slings work but they slip.)  
at least 2 magazines for the rifle.  
(3) A shooting mat or piece of carpet.  
(4) A brick of .22 ammo.  
(5)  Note pad & pencil or pen.  
(6)  Empty chamber flag.  I have a few.  
(7)  Enough water to stay hydrated on a hot day.  
(8)  Lunch and snacks.
(1) A center fire rifle is acceptable.  Plan to fire 200 rounds.  
(2) Something to sit on.  
(3) Mole foam or elbow pads. Too much padding will cause problems with stability.  Knee pads are good too.