1. You must attend an ARGC members meeting. These meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM at the main clubhouse.

2. Fill out an application form which you can obtain at the meeting. You will need to find two people to sign your application form as proposers, talk to a few people at the meeting, or come to any of the open shooting events (trap skeet, archery, action pistol, etc.. they are all listed in the calendar.) you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding a couple people willing to sign for you.

3. Turn in your application to the Club Secretary along with a $50.00 application fee. The first reading of your application will be at the first meeting possible. If you turn in the application before the meeting begins your first reading will be that same night.

4. you will receive an orientation pack which you must review prior to the next meeting, you also must schedule with a trustee to attend an orientation on the club grounds prior to the next meeting to complete you orientation.

5. Attend the membership meeting the following month, Turn in your completed orientation form. your second reading will occur at which time you should be welcomed into the club. after you have been accepted you will see the club treasurer to pay your first years dues. the Dues are $65.00 for Working members and $150.00 for Social members. Working members are required to put in 8 Hours of work time during the year.

6. Assessment. There was a one time assessment fee on the club members which all members are required to pay. the assessment is for $100.00 payable  at time of joining.  All the money from the assessment is going to pay off the loan for the additional property the
club purchased.