Kids Fishing Derby 2016 - after action report

ARGC had another great turnout for our Kids Fishing Derby. We had 60 kids who caught a total of 360 fish today.

Congratulations to all who participated. We had some big winners today, Kayla Semmelroth who won 1st prize for the biggest fish caught today, just as the whistle was being blown to end the competition. She caught a 25" cat fish, Holden Warner won 2nd Place with a 13" fish. 3rd place went to Jordan Parker with a 12.75" fish. 4th place went to Riverz Barlow with... a 12.25". There was a tie for 5th place with each catching a 12" fish, Halle Beesler and Katelyn Clason.

More Pictures in album

Emma     Big Cat

We also awarded prizes for the most fish caught today. 1st place went to Ian Cloonan. Ian caught 17 fish today. 2nd place went to Halle Beesler with 16 fish caught. 3rd place winner was Eli Bacheco with 15 fish caught. Lena Hanusosky came in 4th with 14 fish caught and we had another tie for 5th place with each catching 13 fish, Conner Brammer and Vincent Batalion.

ARGC would like to thank Brandy Hanusosky, for coordinating another great Kids Fishing Derby. All the kids went home with a gift today. Thanks to Barry Palmer and the 223 ARGC Venture Crew for helping out today and to all of our ARGC members who came out today in the sweltering heat to measure and count fish, help bait hooks for those that don't like to touch worms, for untangling fishing lines, unhooking fish and cooking and cleaning up after 60 kids. ARGC cant do it with out your dedication.

We hope to see everyone again next year!!!